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The Face of Corporate Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness

Today's fast-paced world is left behind for a quiet break every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 1:30 p.m. at All Ages Dental Spa. Those are the days dedicated to yoga. Phones on service, doors locked, shades drawn, and lights off as gentle music wafts through the hallways for the peaceful siesta of restorative yoga. We stretch, breathe, and relax as I guide my students through a series of seated and standing modified postures tailored to target very specific areas of concern in the dental practice, mainly low back pain, shoulder pain, neck aches, and wrist cramps associated with repetitive movements required by their jobs and tasks. All is right in the world, as the students recharge for those 30 minutes. We end every practice with a quiet meditation and cleansing breath exercises designed for them to utilize throughout the day and even at home. They state that they always feel refreshed, invigorated, and more prepared to combat the rest of the busy day because of the time they took to nurture themselves with yoga.

This is just a snapshot of what a budget-friendly wellness program can bring to your everyday business environment. Affordable programs like yoga promote well-being in the workplace and provide tools for employees to combat stress. Initial costs of such a program are offset as they are found to statistically reduce employee turnover, promote employee alertness, increase productivity, and [read more]


Yoga is one of the roots of a well balanced life. Yoga reminds me that it is ok to not be in the fast lane in this urban jungle, to take moments during the day to "chill" and to be more mindful of our body.
  - Geoff, Trade Marketing Exec, QC

About Yoga@Work - Private yoga class in your Manila office or home and beyond


When I have trouble balancing deadlines and the needs of my children, I ask Yoga@Work to send an instructor for a private yoga lesson. It has become an essential way to stay grounded in a culture that seems far too overscheduled. I in fact have taken classes in different venues. I enjoy the fact that my Mandaluyong office and my Cavite home have become my very own yoga school.
  - Andrea, author, Tagaytay

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